Our work with your team involves... ...Training through interactive sessions to create your Family Business 'Foundation' and Operation Manual. ...Onsite / Offsite Evaluations, Workshops and Sessions. This process provides and lays the ;foundation' for a framework for a truly sucessful succession... it's much more than a tax strategy! The goal is to bring clarity, efficiency, and joint understanding to a succession process and maintain harmony during the entire transition period.

What A Strong Foundation Will Do...

Vision To see family businesses worldwide using The Family Furrow's "foundational framework" as a necessity for Family Business success.

Mission Statement To fortify the Family Business Team in effective working and living relationships and from the ravages of conflict, to lasting harmony and effective productivity through foundation building.

Our beliefs

  1. We believe that family business team members ARE the ENGINE of the Family Business.
  2. We believe that you and your family will never be the same after your Foundation is built.
  3. We believe that a 'culture of conflict' is totally unacceptable in Family Business.
  4. We believe that we teach the HOW TO, not just articulate the WHAT of Family Business dynamics.
  5. We believe that the attitude of purposefully coming together (meetings) must be born out of the realization of its importance.
  6. We believe in the 'true' Family Business Success formula...
    Success = profit X harmony X fun X leaving a positive legacy X being of value to Family, Community, and Self.
    (This is a mathematical equation where if you put zero in any position the result will be zero success.)
  7. We believe that there is no greater Business than Family Business for the health and welfare of both the Family and the Business.

The Family Furrows' Foundation Building Program FOUNDATION BUILDERS... With input from the entire family, we teach and train the Family Business team to:

To see the family business team, which is the engine to the business, grounded on a solid foundation.